Blurry Eyed

Sleepless nites filled with day dreams. It seems that all i have are the simpler things. I thank the Lord for the days that have passed. and pray and ask for strength to run the race, i sometimes lose my place because the pace gets to hectic. I know i am still his, even though i dont call like i should i think about him all the time. My older brother, you have got to love him he stepped up for me and took what my daddy had coming for me. I mean it was brutal the way he let those boys beat him down, steal his clothes and impale him with a crown. Then when i thought it couldn’t get any worse he was made to carry a cross from the city to a hill. I could never imagine the pain that he would feel when those spikes pierced his flesh and his shoulder was ripped away, the worst part of all is when daddy looked away. The sky went black and the curtain ripped was torn. My older brother hung his head with this to say ” It is Finished . ” And now all i can say is i love him and can’t wait to see him again. He will return in glory and there will be hell to pay.


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