Another Late Nite

Here it is another late nite unable to sleep. The baby has been stirring  so i got him back to sleep. I want to sleep so bad but my mind is refusing to let me stop. It keeps pushing and saying your not tired. I want to make it to the mens breakfast at church but the way things are looking that might not happen AGAIN. I miss having friends to talk to on a regular basis. Wendall never answers his phone any more, and i just dont seem to have anyone else i can talk with on a frequent basis.  I have my wife and i love her but there are times its her i need to talk about and my mother is willing to listen but, i wish there was someone else some of the time. 

I wonder if i am a horrible Christian man. we all make mistakes and we just need to ask forgiveness of our sins and have a repentant heart. I think the devil is trying to tear me down since my mind is in a weakened state. I must always remember that i will continue to sin until the return of Christ. It does not meant that i should sin to receive more grace, but that when i sin there is sufficient grace to forgive me, and i should strive for sanctification.  Because there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus who paid the cost for me at Golgotha. 

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