A Review of Every Man’s Battle

Even though this book was originally published twelve years ago, the topic of lust and sexual purity is probably needed now more than ever. The authors of this book do a good job of explaining that there are many facets to the struggle every man faces to one degree or another in his life time. While one man may be addicted to hard core pornography, another may lust after lingerie sales ad are both impure and need to be defeated.

You will find throughout the book different sections where wives who read the original print have responded, and allow men further insight into how we make our wives feel. It was also interesting to find out about the male physiology and the way it controls our sexual impulses. While learning that we are urged to remember, that just because we have our anatomy pushing against us we cannot cause it to allow us to sin. At the end of chapter four we are given a list of Scripture references that show us God’s desire for our purity.

Overall this book gave some good behavior modifications that can help someone who is on the verge of struggling with sexual addiction, while it doesn’t vocalize the power of the gospel very much. There were several statements made that I took issue with that “100 percent of rapes are committed by males” (pg 67) and that they were working toward the respect of God when we are told in Acts 10:34 that God is no respecter of persons.

For a man struggling with temptations and not a deeper issue I would recommend this book, because it offers some good tactics to avoid those temptations.  Overall, I enjoyed Every Man’s Battle, if you are looking for ways to change your behavior but not your heart this book may be for you. If you want to get to the issues of the heart you may want to look for a different resource.

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.” For more information about the author or the book please visit one of the following links:

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