A Review of Risk is Right by John Piper

             Risk is right sounds like a funny phrase. As I read through this work however, it started to become more like a mantra that every Christian should live by. Pastor John has had this worked published before as a chapter in his popular work Don’t Waste Your Life, it does not take away from its impact. David Platt lays and excellent ground work of expectation for the work.
            Pastor Piper speaks in a way that should light a fire under you and make you ask yourself “How am I living my life, do I live willing to give it all or do I live for comfort?” No matter the level of your faith or where you are in your walk with Christ this work will be like a five hour energy shot to motivate you seek and serve God so in the end He is glorified. This small work (weighing in at 51 pages) will be one that is easily read and re-read for encouragement in trials and tribulations. I would suggest that you get as many copies of this work that you can or even the work it came from and give it to those you care about and encourage them to take a risk for Christ.
            I was given a copy of this work by Crossway in exchange for a fair and honest review; I was not bound to give a good review of this work. 

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