Review of Saving Eutychus

As a seminarian and evangelist, I love the art, science and all aspects of preaching. When I first read the title of this book I knew right away it was one I wanted to read. Saving Eutychus is a very well presented work on the importance of preaching and doing it effectively.  The authors Gary Millar and Phil Campbell, are connected to Queensland Theological College, one is an Irishman and the other an Aussie.
The book is not very long, and is very easy to read through. I personally did it in three days pacing myself to digest what these guys were saying. For some people they may be able to read this whole work in a single session. It consist of eight chapters and two appendices the  last chapter and subsequent material are to help you get a better idea of formulating your sermon and also how to lovingly critique your sermon or a fellow pastor’s work.
Since I am writing a review of this book and would highly recommend you get your hands on a copy soon if you are a preacher in any context, big church or little, city church or rural parish, there is something in here for everyone. One of the most helpful chapters for me was Why preaching the Gospel is so hard (especially from the Old Testament). While most of us will always try to point the text back to Jesus they warn about doing it in the wrong way and offer several different techniques that can be used and still be doctrinally sound and not doing a dis-justice to your audience or the text. I will say this about the book to wet your appetite, something I had never considered and they suggested is when reading the narratives change the past tense to the present tense and watch it come to life and blow the dust right off a story you thought you already knew.
I was given a copy of this work in exchange for a review, my review did not have to be favorable in order to receive this work.


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