Review of Humble Orthodoxy

In Joshua Harris’s book Humble Orthodoxy, he issues a clarion call to the Christian community. Far to often those of us who love orthodox teaching and beliefs can be far to arrogant. This work is a call for us to speak to those who may not hold to correct views with love and peaceful tones. Weighing in at 60 pages this work is not extremely long, and is written in a manner that engages the reader, as though they were part of a conversation. I am not the fastest reader in the world, but was able to complete this work in the matter of 2-3 hours of reading.
I am not one to often quote the works I am reviewing because I feel I am giving away the material. One thing that stood out to me came from the final pages of the book when Harris says that this is actually a reworking of a chapter from his previous work Dug Down Deep. This seems to be becoming a new trend in the literary world, John Piper has also done something similar in the last year, along with several other authors. There is no way that you can read this book and not walk away from it wanting to be a better witness to orthodoxy, and showing that it can be done in a loving, non-arrogant manner.
I would recommend this work to anyone that appreciates good theology, and wants to be a more effective communicator. So I guess you could say one of the biggest take-aways from the book is while what you believe maybe correct you don’t have to be a jerk in the way you present it.In accordance with the law, I was given a copy of this work for my honest review. I was not required to give a favorable review in order to receive this work. Below you will find some links that will tell you more about this work and the author also.


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