Learning Where You Can

There aren’t a lot things we can learn from a show like Sons of Anarchy. That doesn’t mean we can’t learn somethings from it. This scene takes place moments before Jax kills his mother. Before she dies she tells him it’s okay for him to kill her because it’s what they do. This is a good time to speak about grace. We are given grace by God to be forgiven and to forgive even those things that seem unforgiveable. Romans 12:19 tells us not to seek vengeance on our own.
We are called to live in the world and not of it. That means I can live in Christian liberty to watch this show and try and find redeeming value from it. There will be some of you out there who will argue with me that I am wrong and that is your prerogative to have. I will continue to be a fan of this show, despite the nature of it. It is not something I push on other people, I allow each persons conscience to  guide them. If you are not engaging in things of the world how are you going to be able to impact the world. The Apostle Paul engaged in the world when he was in Athens at Mars Hill he spoke the words of their writers. There are many different things in life we need to look at and try and find the redeeming value in it, whether it is a book, blog or a television show. We can almost always find something to learn from every endeavor we enter upon. I argue that once we can find the redeeming value in anything it is able to help us grow.
It is my hope that this post will make you think about things in your life that you need to look for the redeeming value in. I have been able to look for God in this show despite its hard hitting nature and narrative.


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