Take Time to Relax

How often do you just sit down and take the time to relax maybe even take a nap? I would suggest that you try and do it everyday or at least several times a week. .Just don’t go to long with out taking the time to relax. Michael Hyatt has a blogpost about taking daily naps and its benefits. Relaxing doesn’t have to always be a nap, it can be anything that allows you to de-stress. For me I enjoy engraving glass using a Dremel. For you it may be something else. Whatever it may be make time for it, because it will make you a happier person. I have found personally when I am able to do my hobby and work with my hands my mind does not have to focus so hard I can just deflate some. It allows me the time to stop worrying about deadlines, family issues or anything else that maybe weighing me down. 

I know I normally have some scriptural support in my post. I just felt lead to write this one to help offer some encouragement for those of you who work too hard and stress yourselves out. The Lord used prayer as a way of him getting away to be alone. But he also enjoyed eating at peoples houses. There are multiple times we see him eating at someone’s home, take for example when he is at Martha and Mary’s home, or when he was with the twelve in the upper room. 
It is my hope that if you do not have something you can do to relax that you will find something. You need somewhere you can go to clear your head and just be alone with you, God and your thoughts. 
     How can you be fully effective in life if you are constantly stressed out? You can’t be, so invest in yourself. For the sake of your health and all those you love find something that you can do that will refresh you mentally and physically. I not only engrave glass, but I also hunt deer. There is something about sitting out in God’s creation and taking in all that he has made. These are just a few examples of things I do that help me to unwind and find solace. If you would like to have a more detailed view from Scripture about the importance of rest check out this post by my friend Dave Jenkins. 

What are some things you can do to relax? What hobby do you use to find solace?

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