Don’t Despise the Small Things!


The title of todays post comes from what was  gleaned from a church service on 12-14-14. That was the biggest take-away I got. Don’t despise the small things, because they can turn into great things. One thing that comes to mind are two of the biggest computer companies in the world, Microsoft and Apple. They both started out small, but with a vision. And they didn’t let anything get in the way of that vision. Because they new the potential that their product had. This is a lesson I am begging to learn. While I do not have a huge following right now, I believe I will one day as long as I continue to produce material people can use. 

     My hope for this post is to encourage you, maybe even challenge you! What do you have inside of you that you are about to let die because you are upset with your meager beginnings? When I first started this blog I was happy when I had 10 visitors a day. Now I am averaging around 140 a day. Which for me is great. Do I think we can do more yes, I DO! But, I know it depends on the plans the Lord has for me and this ministry of writing he has given me. Another reason not to despise small beginnings is because that is exactly how our Lord and Savior started out. He was not born in some fancy mansion in Jerusalem no he was born in a manger  in Bethlehem. He would go on to live a normal life until the time his ministry started. He was not drawing big crowds at first either. It wasn’t’ until people started to take notice of what he was able to do that he grew a following. The biggest problem with Jesus following is they were always in it with the whats in it for me category. Which is okay some of the time, we have to be willing to give back. Sometimes it is the smallest gestures that make the largest impact. Looking ahead there are things we learn from Christ interactions with the disciples. 
     Christ tells the disciples a parable about the mustard seed being the smallest of seeds, yet when it is planted becomes the largest of all garden plants.(Mark 4:30-32) While Jesus was referencing the kingdom of God in this parable we can take a lot away from it.  There is another reference to a mustard seed I like for our context just a little bit more. Jesus is speaking to the disciples and tells them that if they have faith the size of a mustard seed  they can move mountains.(Matt 17:20) It lets me know that I can start out small in anything and still have potential to become more. I don’t know about you but I long to do big things for the kingdom of God. While my faith may be small, God says its all I need. It will grow over time as I exercise it.So for my faithful readers I am VERY appreciative of you and say THANK YOU for all of your support. If you have been blessed by this or another post would leave me a comment letting me know. It is just one small gesture to help me to continue trying to be a blessing to you all. 
Life is hard, but God is good!
What are you exercising faith in to see it grow? What is your small thing?

2 thoughts on “Don’t Despise the Small Things!

  1. hi you have an interesting blog and today’s reading is that as well – interesting .small beginnings that grow as the lord leads and would have it to do so . I saw the line about Jesus “He was not born in some fancy mansion in Jerusalem no he was born in a manger in Bethlehem. ” We are so used to hearing this yet its ever so very true and was all in God’s will for this to take place the way it did . it wasn’t any mistake on the part of the early parents or the inn keeper.! My blog , which is one of many different topics mainly about daily living but really its anything that comes to mind from God and not a theme in itself really, except to say its Another Recipe – Gods’ way – I too started out small and never dreamed I would ever get to where I am today but trusting God is the way to watch the seeds grow; to some I am still small but not in the eyes of the Father who watches over all I do. So I am blessed beyond measure and enjoy what I do and write about. After having said all the purpose is to greatly encourage you I have so enjoyed my visit today and look forward to more home truths and interesting articles.


    • Maxine, thank you for your kind words. I am glad that you enjoyed visiting the blog. I too know that the Lord is using me for his glory. Small things can become very powerful when used in the right hands. Look at David with a stone.

      I am glad that you have found joy in the things you write about I am still on the journey to find my “voice”. However I enjoy relating my faith to everyday things. Please don’t hesitate to leave comment and let me know what struck a cord with you. Thank you for taking the time to comment. 😀


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