Fighting Boredom

How do we fight boredom in life? We fill our time with things that are entertaining.
     That sometime is easier said than done. I have two boys, one is ten the other six. One of them also has Aspergers and both are ADHD. Which means our house is always a buzz with something going on. It may be the boys playing on their Kindles, playing a board game, or something else to try and consume some time. It is hard to keep these boys entertained all day everyday, and we have just started a 16 day stretch of them being home from school for Christmas break. They normally have cub scouts on Tuesday nights but that is on hold until the new year. 
     Why am I telling you all of this because as adults we can get bored easily too. Especially when it comes to reading the Bible. You know those genealogies where so and so begat so and so. Those are hard things to make it through and it is rather boring. It is not until we realize they are important to the plan of God then they can become interesting. I was reading 1Kings 7 the other day in my devotions and started to dose off because it was speaking on all the different things being built toward the temple. It was a hard section to get through with all the measurements being foreign to us. 
     I want to offer you this encouragement while these sections are hard to get through they are inspired and good for us (2 Tim 3:16). I understand your struggle and maybe reading those challenging sections in a different version of the Bible like the Message or the NLT or a paraphrase like those would be easier to read. Do what ever it take for you to help those boring sections come to life. Like with my boys it takes time and planing to do things well. So be prepared when you hit a bumpy section to go with your back up plan, what ever it is. Maybe using a good commentary and reading less than you normally would. I usually try and read from the OT history, Psalms, a Prophet and the NT. But when things are getting heavy I may cut out one or two sections in place of reading supplemental material. 
What suggestions do you have for when things get boring? How do you handle the difficult parts of Scripture?

4 thoughts on “Fighting Boredom

  1. I especially liked this post, because I can relate to it so much. I know exactly where you are coming from. When I find myself getting bored of certain passages, I try to think about ways in which they connect to other parts of the bible. I try to read it critically. Because to me, as my perspective widens and I’m able to see how all the little parts are connected to the big picture, it just amazes me and makes it that much more interesting. If I was just starting to read the bible, I would probably read it more often for shorter periods of time. It’s been said that our attention span dwindles away after around 30 minutes. With that being said, I would just do 20-30 minutes first thing in the morning and then again sometime before bed. Maybe even in the middle of the day too, if you wanted. The thing is, there’s a point to why all of that is in there. Praying and asking God to reveal why could help. Asking for supreme focus would help too.


    • Thanks for the kind words brother. I generally recommend for a new believer to read 1 chapter a day and meditate on that. See what jumps out to them that they can chew on. Prayer is very vital to understand Scripture and we do not want to neglect the role it plays in illumination. May the Lord guide you on your path, giving you insight into His word.
      God Bless,



      • the old blog is still up at

        I created it in photoshop the other night. Looked at Jeff’s and thought about what would be simple yet effective. Thanks for the support!!


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