Are You a Generous Person?

For some people generosity comes naturally, while for others it can be like pulling teeth. I am part of the first group. I enjoy giving and doing for other people. There is just something intrinsic about giving for me. I am not sure if it is one of those things concerning nature verses nurture.

What I do know is that not everyone likes to give. I’m not just talking about money, it can be time or talents. For me it is hard to understand what makes it so difficult to give.

I have heard it said that the poorest people often give the most. I have seen this principle in my own life. However I have seen some people of mean be rather generous as well. What is shocking is that some of the stingiest people I have ever met were supposed “Christians.”

In 2 Corinthians 8, Paul speaks about the generosity of the churches in Macedonia. And how they gave out of their lack because that is what they were lead to do. We should take our lead from them and give even when we cannot afford to do it easily. When we give to others and it costs us something we are showing how important that person is. Paul was trying to tell the Corinthians they needed to follow the example set before them.

Generosity is something we can learn. We learn it by doing. The more we do it the more we look for chances to do it. The Lord was the penultimate example of generosity. He made the choice to leave the perfect presence of the father to take the form he created in man, to join us. He even chose to love us while we were unloveable.

Why can’t I be more generous? What keeps me from giving of myself to those around me? Pride and selfishness are  the culprits and I bet they are the same things that keep you from doing what you know you should do. I am a selfish person (sometimes), especially when I am having a bad day pain wise. I don’t like to give of myself to my family or my friends. It is easier to hold back pieces of myself than to give. Then there are the times pride keeps me from giving because I think I’m better than someone else. I don’t know why I feel that way and it doesn’t happen often, but it still happens.

Like anything else the first way to combat something is to admit you need help. This is me telling the world I need to be more generous. One way I can is by being around other people who are generous. It tends to rub off. At least I hope so. Another way is to love my family well despite myself and my circumstances. It may mean reading an extra chapter to my son, or listening about Pokemon for the millionth time.

To show you one way I’m trying to be generous I’m giving away my free devotional The Long and the Short of It when you sign up for my email newsletter.

How can you be more generous?

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