Do You Have One Word for Your Year?

There is a movement going on right now called “one little word”. Where you pick one word you are going to help guide your year. I thought I’d join in on this movement and make my “one word” PERSEVERE. I have so many things going on in my life right now I need to have perseverance to make it through. It would be simpler to just give up and quit. Lord knows there have been times I have wanted to quit school.


It just isn’t easy. Life that is. Trying to raise a family and go to school, now I’m leading a Tiger den (cub scouts). I’m hoping to keep at my writing not only for you guys, but because it does me good. I’m going to persevere. Why choose this word when there are millions of other words that could have been chosen?


Like I said previously, it’s easy to want to quit. However, I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. I have ten classes left including the three I will be taking in the spring. As long as I keep on the same schedule/course I’m on right now I will be done with my Mdiv in the Spring of 2016.


I don’t have all of the answers right now nor will I ever. As long as I choose to persevere I will win in the long run. Not at just anything but at the goal I have set of earning a degree. People are amazed when I tell them how many credit hours my Mdiv is (93 if you’re curious). I have had several people tell me that the amount of work I am putting in I could have earned a doctorate in a different field. All I can say is WOW!


What gives me the drive to persevere? The only answer I have is God. It is something I feel called to do. I have felt called to be in pastoral ministry since I was 21ish. There is no better feeling than standing before a group of people and telling them about God’s word. Writing and interacting with you all is a close second. I am starting to wonder am I called to be an author as well as a Pastor. Why should it have to be an either/ or situation?


My question to you is what is your one word going to be for this year?

4 thoughts on “Do You Have One Word for Your Year?

    • Debbie,
      Thanks for the comment. I did not know that Ann Voskamp had anything to do with this. That is kind of cool. You seem to have a good word for 2015.

      Can I make one suggestion. Please offer to share you link in the future before just posting it. I’m not angry or upset. Just prefer the option to ask for the link.
      God Bless,



      • You’re welcome. If i get a a chance I will try and read your post. I have classes starting back up which means hundreds of pages of reading 😦 in a week. Less time for leisure reading. Thanks for taking it so well.



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