What Do I Read?


It’s an intriguing question. One not so easy to answer. At least not for me. I read things which interest me. Right now all kinds of things interest me. Especially learning how to be a better author/blogger/person. If you have read this blog for any period of time you have probably heard me mention a few names before, but two who are main stays are Michael Hyatt and Jeff Goins these two men are writing articles that get me going. They inspire me to be better.


Better how? Well, better at making content not because I want you to read it but because I’d want to read it. I have just finished Hyatt’s book Platform and did a review of it. I am in the process of almost finishing Goins book The In-Between it has been a very interesting book and will probably get a review as well.


Along with material like that I generally read things on theology, biblical studies, being a good pastor, church stuff. It is rare for me to read some thing that is fictitious. There is one author who I do enjoy who writes fiction and his name is Andy Andrews he wrote a book called The Noticer which was very good, I have the second book in the queue to be read.


The reason I tend to read so much churchy stuff is because of my chosen profession. I am studying to become a pastor (hopefully sooner than later). Therefore I tend to have to read this kind of stuff.


However, I do enjoy a good blog which can be transparent and down to earth. Or they can help me to understand my oldest son a little better (he has Aspergers). Don’t get me wrong I still read blogs associated with church things. Not because I have to but because I love God and want to serve him well. One of my favorite sites is 9Marks they publish great articles, journals and books.


I read a lot of dead guys, preferably Spurgeon he is my favorite. I am learning to read more biographies too.It allows me to learn from the wins and losses of men who came before me. Why reinvent the wheel when I don’t need to. A great little biography I’ve read recently was on Samuel Rutherford.


If you go to my about me page there is a link to my Amazon wish list it shows you the kinds of books I am looking forward to.


As you can see my reading is sometimes rather diverse  and other times it is centered on one or two topics due to classes and the amount of time they take up. As I write this post I am getting ready for a class in systematic theology and another in the history of Baptist later in the spring. Can you guess what I will be reading then?


What about you, what types of things do you enjoy reading? What books, blogs or articles would you recommend for me to read?

10 thoughts on “What Do I Read?

    • Thanks for the comment,I am working on getting more books on writing and marketing. Just for future reference you may want to wait until you know the blogger better before commenting with your link on their page. It can come off a little spammy. Thanks.



      • No worries, I’m not mad just wanted you to know. This way you won’t get a bad name in the blogging community. If you are looking for a site that has good writing on it you may want to check out MichaleHyatt.com and goinswriter.com they have influenced me a lot. I hope your site does well. God Bless,



  1. I mostly read the Bible . It seems new every day . But now and then I read something else by a christian author . I find the other types of books boring .


    • I enjoy reading the Bible most days, there are some days it is hard to do. I enjoy a good Christian book. I am reading a book right now called The Noticer Returns by Andy Andrews. He is a Christian. I agree sometimes non-Christian books can be difficult to read. Unless it’s something I’m really interested in. Thanks for commenting Martin.


  2. A new book arrived today. I believe I found the name on Jeff Goins blog:
    “Communicate to Change Lives in Person and Print” by James N. Watkins.
    True inspiration. Down to earth examples, It’s hard to put down.

    Enjoy your reading! Well written books with a clear story/message certainly give us insight – which we in turn can share with others.


    • Thanks for sharing Lisa. I may look into it when I have the time a new semester is about to start and while I’m in school I haven’t the free time to really read for leisure. Thanks for all of your input. I appreciate the way you have been interacting with me and the blog. 😀


    • Thanks for the comment Dan. I have heard that quote from numerous leaders and I guess it is a good truism. As you can see from this post I am into one thing which is mainly Christian but different branches of it.

      I love to learn, not just for myself but so I can help others also. Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for the twitter follow.

      God Bless,



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