Leaving Something Good For A Lot Better

Today has been a bit of a challenge. I’m having to say good-bye to a man whom has become a friend and mentor to me. He and his family are packed up and getting ready to move to Haiti. They have been preparing for this for at least 8-9 months now. I keep secretly waiting for him to say “GOTCHA” we aren’t really moving. However, today symbolizes a transition in many lives. It is a transition in the life of the church in which he was the pastor, the life of his family from living on U.S. soil, and our friendship will be different. I won’t be able to just get in touch with him whenever.


Why is so hard to let someone go? It is because of the bond that has been built. When there is a real bond it hurts to see it change. But this change is for the better. While he had a good thing going here, it is better for his faith and his family to do what God is calling them to. It doesn’t mean it is going to be an easy transition.


My friend is Dr. Chis Surber, and he is leaving behind what is comfortable to follow God where he has called him. In his farewell sermon today (1-4-15) he spoke about answering the call of God, from the book of Jonah. It was very enlightening. I will miss my friend and his wisdom.


The ministry he has started is Supply & Mutliply. He is going to be helping the ecumenical church down there, while training pastors and lay leaders. In eight months my wife (Lory) and I will be going down to help Chris and his wife (Christina) to do their work.


Chris has gotten so in-tuned with the Holy Spirit, he knows this is the right move for his family. I hope to get to a point where I am hearing and trusting God with such fervor and assurance.


When I think of transitions I tend to think about when Jesus went to call the disciples. He called them while they were in the middle of their work day (at least a few of them). James and John were on the water with their father fishing and answered the call of Jesus to follow him. It was a drastic change. These men left behind what they knew to follow a man it is assumed they knew little or nothing about.


While theses men had a thriving fishing business they were going to do something better and change the world. What If they had chosen to ignore the call of God? Who knows what the world may look like to day. We would probably be missing five books of the Bible because John would have never written them.


I hope to have the faith to do something one day people will  be able to admire. Not out of ego, but out of service. Whether that is faithfully pastoring the same church for a lifetime. Building a great writing career that inspires people to look for Jesus in the mundane. I will make a difference one day. Maybe today is that day.


Have I ever made an impact on you?
Would you mind sharing in the comments or using the contact page to let me know. 
What is something good you can leave alone to do something better?
For me, I am going to stop watching TV so much and read more. 

4 thoughts on “Leaving Something Good For A Lot Better

  1. Often we look for these grand moments of service. we think that without such drastic acts, that our faithfulness is somehow lacking. It’s just not true. Think of people like the guy who gave the disciples the donkey for Jesus in Matthew 21, thru him prophecy was fulfilled. (See Zechariah 9) My point is when it comes to serving God, everything matters, even the ‘little things’. Friend you are making a difference for the kingdom thru this blog. Keep doing what you are called to do. God bless.


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