It’s Kinda Funny…


Life can be kinda funny sometimes. I have had a situation in which I have been praying over for a little while and it is not one I care to get into great detail about. But when I thought I wasn’t going to do a certain thing an had what I thought was spiritual confirmation. I turn around and God has other plans. So it is kinda funny the way things work out.

It is not just with this situation but with a lot of them. Just as another example of how things have worked out. My wife and I were the perfect picture of what nemesis’s were in high school we really could not stand each other back then. It would not be until after high school when we would reconnect at a young adults event from a local church we would meet up again.

At first we were cordial with each other. She was different than I remembered her being. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but there she was. After a few months of meeting together with this church group she made a general announcement about a concert she wanted to go to, but did not want to go alone. I volunteered to take her. This was our first “date.”

I would begin visiting her at work, taking her to lunch and bringing her little trinkets. It was about four or five months after our first date we started being an official couple. After dating for about eight months I asked her parents if I could marry her. We were married in Aril 2007.

Like i said its kinda funny the way things work themselves out. A biblical example is the Apostle Paul. Here is a man who is adamantly against Christianity and he turns out to be its biggest proponent apart from Jesus himself.

This was a man who condoned the murder of Stephen. He stood idly by with coats and cloaks at his feet. And did nothing to stop it from happening. He would later go on to be beaten, stoned, flogged, shipwrecked, imprisoned and later martyred for his faith.

As you can see life has a way of working itself out the way the Lord wants it to. I can think its going to go one way and ends up going in a completely different direction. Who knows right now I am studying to become a pastor, maybe the Lord has other plans for me. I really love this writing thing. Maybe, just maybe he will use this and my theological understanding to work into peoples libraries and make a difference. Right now I have no idea. I only hope I can enjoy the ride I am about to take.

Questioin: What in your life has the Lord turned around on you, that all you can do is look back and laugh?


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