How To Keep Going When You’re Exhuasted


This will not be your typical how to post. I don’t plan on having multiple bullet points and a list of ideas. I have one main idea. How to keep going when you’re exhausted is by faith. It is my faith that keeps me going. Or is it family, or is it desire. I guess in a way it is a bit of all of these things that keeps me going.

I want to encourage you to ground your faith in Christ. I think about what he went through around the time of his crucifixion and how tired he had to have been, yet he still managed to keep going. Some people will make the argument that yes, “but he was God.” It is true but he was still also a man, a human being who felt pain and weakness. So think about our savior after being scourged having to walk several miles to the hill where he was to be crucified.

I say to do this by faith, which is no easy task. I struggle with extreme bouts of depression. Even lately as I have been writing trying to be an encouragement I have been struggling with these bouts. No one would ever know unless I say something. Why because I have learned how to just keep moving forward. I put my trust in Jesus knowing there is a greater reason for all of these trials, and like Paul says these are light momentary afflictions.

They may not feel light or even momentary right now, but in the grand scheme of things they really are. I keep looking forward to a home I will one day return to. It is not easy, living this life. It is a struggle most days to get out of bed. Tweet: By faith I get up with the expectation, things will be better today than they were yesterday.

I hope you can see how all of this is meant to be an encouragement for when you’re not sure you can keep going, because you are just plain exhausted.

For those times when your faith isn’t enough focus on the goal(s) you want to achieve, they will help give you the extra little push you need. By looking at your goals you will be able to see why you are working so hard and doing so much.

Sometimes the over extension is not avoidable because it is something you kind of have to do. For example I am doing a lot with school right now, but was doing a little less in the fall. Back in the fall I volunteered to be my sons Cub Scout den leader. Since then things have gotten a little hectic and now there is more on my plate than I expected. This is one time I have to look at it and go this is for my son, and hopefully when he has kids he will appreciate the extra mile I went for him.

Question: How do you keep going when you’re exhausted?


6 thoughts on “How To Keep Going When You’re Exhuasted

  1. Great post. I think I am overwhelmed on a daily basis. What I do when I feel discouraged or overwhelmed is take a short nap. For some reason it makes me feel more energized and able to complete whatever task I need to.


  2. I find the title is a bit misleading. The question “How to keep going when you’re exhausted?”, if taken literally, has a simple answer: “Don’t keep going”. It’s not biblical to run youself into exhaustion and implies all sorts of questions about the decisions being made that lead to that point, and about how I’m partnering in God’s work. I know, my choices in 2014 rammed that point home to me!

    If, however, the question is what I think it is about – “How to keep going when discouraged”, then Amen to the answer (coupled of course with some judicious re-examinations along the way of “Am I following the right road?”).


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