How Can You Be An Everyday Hero?


This head line seems to just about sum up all to be said. But, sometimes all we need is a hero, someone to step in and save us from our lives. There are a lot of times we don’t care where this so called hero comes from. I got the idea from watching a movie, specifically DareDevil.

This hero can come in many forms. It could be your local cashier at Wal-mart, or your barista at Starbucks. You never know you could become someones hero. By the smallest act of kindness can make a huge difference. I have witnessed it many times in my own life how something as simple as a phone call can turn someone’s day/week around. It seems inconsequential to us but to that person it means the world.

Being a hero doesn’t always have to be some extreme event like those portrayed on TV and in the movies. You don’t have to rescue someone from a car wreck or a burning building. Take a co-worker out for coffee and get to know them a little bit better. Call up a friend you haven’t seen in a while and go to lunch.

One of the best things you can do is volunteer. Especially with organizations like the Cub Scouts and feed in to the lives of young children. Help to mold them into model citizens. Or another way you can serve is by getting involved with a local food pantry or a similar type institution. By doing these random acts of kindness and giving back to the lives of others you are being an everyday hero.

Christ told his disciples if they saw one hungry to feed them, or naked to clothe them and if they did it for the least of them the did it for him. In another place it speaks of doing well for a stranger and you may have entertained an angel. So you never quite know who you are doing the good work for. So always be vigilant and let your good work become God’s work.

I long to hear the stories you will have of all the good you have been doing. By God’s grace I lead a few Bible studies, and a cub scout den.

My question to you is how can you be an everyday hero now?


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