How Do You Look at Indulgence?


What exactly does it look like? Does it look the same for everyone? Is it a bad thing? These are all questions running through my mind as I think about the word indulgence. Why is so simple to over indulge in so many things in life. For example going back through the line at the buffet just one extra time, or for others it may be an extra drink at the bar.

I am not casting judgement on anyone for the Lord knows there are many things in life I have over indulged in. Right now it is sweets (chocolate, candy, cookies) items along those lines are my weaknesses right now. I have admitted in a previous post how I have and do struggle with addiction to many different things. Would you say there is a difference between addiction and the occasional indulgence?

A question I have for you to think about, “Is it possible to indulge too much in another person?” Can we have too much of someone else? I know you are used to me giving more answers and insight in my posts but right now I have more questions and I am hoping maybe you can help me to answer them.

Do you think it is possible to have too much of a good thing? I won’t get mad at your answer, I’m merely curious as to what you think. Today this post is about you and your thoughts on the topic at hand. I am learning to live a life full of moderation. It does not mean I am always succeeding at it, but it does mean I am trying.

For example I eat a meal with my family on Monday nights and then go to Bible study where there is usually (not always) more food brought for us guys to eat. Long ago before gastric bypass I would indulge and eat both places. Now I may eat my meal at home and so I can share in the fellowship around food I will eat dessert with the guys (usually, unless the wife has made an awesome dessert).

Are there places in the Bible which speak to this? At the moment I cannot recall them, maybe you can. I try and love the Lord and do things which are pleasing to him and I would say over indulging in something is not glorifying to Him.

Question: What do you tend to indulge in and do you beat yourself up over it?


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