Standing in the Gap (A Poem)


Christ has chosen to stand where I could not stand.
He has chosen to live a life that I could not.
He chose to die the death we all should die.
And now he stands where I can not.
He has returned to his rightful place,
and bids me to come near.
It is only because of his scars,
I can approach the throne without fear.
He is no longer as he was, but is now as he is to forever be,
marked and scared by me and you on his way to calvary.
He has given to me his righteousness,
despite the cost.
He stands where only he could, because bulls and goats do not suffice.
He stands where only he can, because he paid our debt with his life.
Let us always praise him,
for he deserves that and so much more.
Let us bow, kneel and stand as we praise him,
to show Jesus it is him we adore.
Let us never forget the price he paid, so dear.
May we always love Christ, while the time is near.
Because he stood where we could not stand,
because we would surely fall.
Christ stands in the gap for us,
biding us to cross.
To cross over from sin and death,
to life and love everlasting.
All because he stood where we could not stand. filling in the gap for me.
Filling the gap for me!


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