When Is Good, Not Good Enough?


Riddle me this? It is something I have been pondering for a while. When is good not good enough. I mean you try and do your best yet for whatever reason its not good enough. Or another way to ask this question is, “why is good not good enough?”

Could it be because we live in a culture were everything has to be an amazing experience. Isn’t the goal for all of us to be better than good? When we start to do something we never set out to be mediocre we strive to be great or at the very least the best we can be.

Who is to tell us what is good or our best? We are the ones who determine that. We set the standard for our lives and the things we go after. There are goals we want to reach and should not allow someone else’s perceptions ruin our goals.

There will be those who will tell you, you are not doing enough to meet some standards they have set up for you. Wanting to measure you against others in the same aspects. Like for me I am hoping to become a pastor or in some type of full-time ministry. However, unlike the average pastor I have some sever health issues (specifically fibromyalgia) which can be debilitating at times.

With these additional challenges it is hard to be measured by regular standards, but I do my best. I hope live a life honoring to God. So I try to measure up to the standards set-up by others. We are still left with the question of when is good not good enough? And the answer is when someone else sets the standards and you are unable to reach them.

The next question to arise is how to do better than good? So we can do more than enough. The answer which comes to mind, is to trust in Christ. I know it sounds hokey, but it is the best answer I can give you. When we commit ourselves to Christ we can know we are going to achieve the best standards possible.

As long as we are committed to Christ, and are fully committed then we can know we doing our best. And our best is good enough. With all of this in mind we can know we are on the right path.

Question: Are you still trying to live up to someone else’s standards?


Do You Ever Feel Like You Don’t Belong?

 Yeah me too. That is one reason I am writing this post. I have come to realize  I may never be one of the “cool” kids and it’s okay. What sucks however is feeling like that just about everywhere, including the church. Not to say people aren’t nice and polite at my local church where we are members. But, my family just feels like we don’t fit in. We try and consider other people, it just doesn’t seem to make a difference.
My wife and I particularly feel that way because of our living situation. We are both students right now, neither of us working. As a family we live with my mom. My health is a major factor (if your new to the blog I have fibromyalgia). It limits the things I am capable of doing. I’ll leave it for another post. With my oldest son having special needs (Aspergers), he is not well received by his peers. The only one who seems to fit in is our six year old.
I don’t know if it’s just our perception or what, but we often feel like outsiders. We have few friends, and even fewer we talk to on a regular basis. Don’t misunderstand we want to be sociable people.
We want to be pictures of God’s grace. So we have stuck it out for several years at our current church.
My wife was a Sunday school teacher who started to feel taken for granted and burnt out. She had been teaching since we started there and she was doing it alone while all the other classes had help. I’m not saying  we serve to be given credit because I know any praise we get here is our reward. While the good things we do and get no praise for we get praise in heaven. But some small words of gratitude can go a long way.
Who doesn’t want to feel like they matter, especially to those in their home church. It is a place where we’re  supposed to feel like an extended family. We often struggle with finding our place apart from service, which can be part of our problem. We are being like Martha, so busy serving we are missing the Messiah in the other room.
Looking through the gospels you see Jesus with the outcast, the downtrodden, people that everyone else wouldn’t give another thought about. I guess that is one reason why I am drown to him. Because he loves me while I struggle to feel the same love from His church.
I hope your experience is different. And you have a place where it feels like coming home every time you walk through the doors. I am at place where I am no longer sure how I feel come Sunday morning.
Can you relate to every feeling out of place?

I Don’t Care What You Think…Or Do I?

     This is hard for anyone to tackle but is it true? Do I really care what you think yes I do. As my reader/audience I care about what you think (for the most part). Like anybody I want you to like me and what I am producing, but I have come to grips with I love to write even if nobody else loves it. I still love the act of putting words to screen (instead of pen to paper). There is just something cathartic about it. Does that mean I just write for the sake of writing? NO! I write because I feel compelled to get what is inside of me out. If my math is write this post should becoming out on Christmas Eve, which means I should be more gentle and less forceful in what I say right. Sorry not for this post.
     If you have stuck with me this far thank you. I want to grow and be more like Jesus and that is who ultimately matters when I think about what does someone think about me. Jesus was not always well received while he walked on the earth. He was questioned at almost every turn by the pharisees. It didn’t matter if he was eating food or talking with a  woman they always had something to say about him. I have realized that if I want to be like Jesus, people are going to talk about me. It is not always going to be good. I am going to offend some people and that is okay. Who doesn’t want to be liked? I haven’t found a person yet that doesn’t long for some sort of validation. Except for Jesus of course.
     Now, the way I do care about what you think is by interacting with you, through comments, G+, Facebook, Twitter, and even the occasional email. I want to hear from you and start building community. Because this thing cannot work without your voice as well. If there is a topic you would like me to consider than drop me a line and let me know, I will do my best to cover it. But understand there are going to be times I might say somethings that step on some toes. I will still try and be the same insightful and loving Paul, but there are just going to be those times I cannot be. In order to protect the sheep I have to beat the wolves.
What can I do to better server you? What do you enjoy about this blog?